Application dates:

Applications for the 2023 MTh programme may be made from 1 June 2022 to 31 October 2022. Later applications may be considered at the discretion of the OCRPL administration and MTh coordinator.

How to apply:

Please make sure you include the following with this application form (scanned copies are acceptable).

  • Copies of all academic qualifications including academic transcripts and accompanying degree certificates.
  • A letter from your employer endorsing your study.
  • A passport-sized photograph.
  • Proof of linguistic proficiency where applicable.
  • SAQA certificate (if applicable).
  • An essay on Islam as stipulated on the application from.
  • Referees’ details.

Referees’ details

Application fee:

Upon admission to the programme students pay a registration and admission fee of $150. Students cover the rest of their fees either in full or by instalment according to an arranged payment plan. The student, student’s institution or sponsoring body will be requested to cover the fees for the course.

Partial scholarship (up to 50% of tuition cost) is available only for selected candidates from the Global South. Please download the scholarship application here.

The Application Process

Only for University of Pretoria applicants: If you already have a SAQA clearance (no less than an NQF level 8), please follow the steps below. If you are planning to apply for UP, but do not have SAQA clearance please contact OCRPL for an informal assessment of your qualification first. If all is well, please apply for SAQA as soon as possible: UP and IUDI applicants:

  • Candidates apply online and submit all required documents.
  • OCRPL considers application, contacts referees independently for their recommendations, and selects suitable candidates for an interview.
  • OCRPL arranges a Zoom interview with potential candidates.
  • If the interview is successful, OCRPL offers a candidate a conditional offer.
  • OCRPL helps students with registration at UP (only if SAQA clearance is acquired) by 31st of August 2022; and IUDI (no SAQA clearance required) by 15th of December 2022.
  • Students sign Student Contract and Student Fee Notice prior to the beginning of the programme.
  • Students pay registration fee and tuition fee as stipulated and agreed.

Students must pay the registration fee and tuition fee as stipulated and agreed. Admission decisions are based on a composite of information including:

  • Your previous academic performance.
  • The intention of your institution to offer a MTh Programme in Religion and Culture (with an emphasis on Islamic studies) and your commitment to teach there.
  • The strategic location of your institution.
  • Your submitted essay on Islam (a critical part of the application).
  • Comments from referees.
  • Interview process and outcome.