To be pioneer of anything is often a privilege. I consider myself privileged partly because I am the first to have a PhD in my clan within the Dinka of South Sudan since the creation of the world. I am also the first to graduate with a PhD in Systematic Theology in the history of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan-Anglican Communion. Moreover, I am the first in the whole of South Sudan to obtain a PhD in a collaborative work between Stellenbosch University in South Africa and OCRPL in England.

My experience in pursuing a PhD in this collaborative programme between the two institutions is something that has shaped me academically. Research seminars that OCRPL organised annually were useful in giving us more information than we needed for mere research. Professors who taught us different things each day from morning to evening for a month each year, could give us all that they knew in their professions. Each one of them would make sure that we learned from his or her expertise in issues that we discussed. Some professors and other professionals would teach us via Zoom seminars, were not different from face-to-face interactions.

Finally, I will be the first in South Sudan to have a book published by Select Academic Publishing Oxford.