When I first joined the OCRPL programme, I didn’t know what to expect. The first residence programme was instrumental in shaping everything I would do later. The faculty of OCRPL lived up to what they promised when they said, “We will support you throughout the process of your research”. They ensured that I had access to the needed resources and exposure to experienced mentors and supervisors. The OCRPL programme is unique because it creates a learning community of researchers, unlike many postgraduate programmes that are individualistic. My studies would have taken much longer without the financial, moral, academic and spiritual assistance of OCRPL.

It is a unique programme that integrates faithfulness to Scripture and academic quality and prepares people to engage various issues in society. I received quality supervision to ensure that my work can be on par with that of those doing research around the world. I have also learned, in a profound way, that bearing witness to God’s reality can be done in an academic way that is Biblically faithful and academically rigorous.

Dr Basilius Kasera has also published an article “Toward Shalom as a Radical and Transformative Conceptual Framework for Post-Apartheid Social Justice in Namibia”. You can read all about his publication here.