On 2 September 2019, the Faculty of Theology and Religion signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and two Memorandums of Agreements (MoA) with the Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life (OCRPL), United Kingdom.

The OCRPL, as a research and training centre, exists to equip public intellectuals, analysts and professionals to recognise and value the contributions of religion to public life. The OCRPL focuses and revolves around:

  1. Religious Freedom
  2. Religion and Human Rights
  3. Faith and Economics
  4. Religion, Marriage and family
  5. Religion and law
  6. Religion and Public Education
  7. Religion and media.

The MoU and MoAs between the UP and OCRPL detailed the following academic engagements:

  1. Exchange of academic staff
  2. Establishment of joint research programmes
  3. Supervision of joint Masters and Doctoral degrees
  4. Exchange of students
  5. Exchange of academic materials produced by either or both of the institutions
  6. Organisation of conferences, seminars and symposia of mutual interest to the institutions.

As from the academic year 2020 the Faculty of Theology and Religion will present a two year MTh structured programme, with a focus on Religion and Culture, and a PHD programme, with focus on religion and public life. The UP will confer these degrees on successful completion of these programmes.

The involvement of the OCRPL, in availing their resources, lecturers and literature, screening of qualifying candidates and financial assistance to deserving students in these programmes, have provided the Faculty of Theology and Religion an opportunity to expand its field in Religion Studies internationally, with the main intention to recruit students from the African continent.

We trust that this collaboration will bear much fruit as this partnership develops and broadens in the years to come.