Members of the second cohort of the Ocrpl/Stellenbosch university PhD programme gather outside the Barnabas fund study facility with faculty members in Pewsey Uk. Participants come from Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan, South Africa, Bahamas Antigua, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India.
Among those giving input to the participants are . Archbishop Josiah Idowu Fearon, General Secretary of the Anglican Communion, Dr Philip Giddings, former head of the School of Politics and International Relations at Reading University, Dr Len Hansen, director of research at the Theology Faculty, Stellenbosch University, Dr James Orr of the McDonald Centre, Oxford University, Natan Mladin of the Theos Think Tank, Dr Christopher Byaruhanga, Director of Research at Uganda University, Rev Dr Peter Walker formerly of Trinity Episcopal School, Pennsylvania and Rev Dr Michael Lloyd, Principal of Wyclliffe Hall, Oxford.